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CyberNut is dedicated to empowering educators and protecting students by delivering innovative and accessible cybersecurity solutions tailored for
K-12 schools.

CyberNut was designed and built from the ground up with the support and inputs of a dozen CTOs, CISO, IT directors in K-12 schools.


Our Founders

At the helm of CyberNut stand
Oliver Page and Adil Altaf, united by a vision of advancing cybersecurity in education.

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Oliver Page

a serial entrepreneur who embarked on his journey at 17 years of age by founding his first EdTech company NutKase Accessories, after which he has intimately worked with IT professionals in over 1,000 schools and districts across 60 countries, providing Oliver with a deep understanding of the intricacies of educational tech needs and cybersecurity challenges. His large network and depth of experience has provided him with


unparalleled insights into the cybersecurity and technological needs of educational institutions. His commitment and long-standing engagement with K-12 sector has provided him with a unique vantage point to spearhead the Cybersecurity challenges that CyberNut aims to solve for schools in the US and around the world.

Adil Altaf

with over eighteen years of experience as a senior software engineer at Accenture and significant contributions through the Presidential Initiative for Artificial Intelligence & Computing in Pakistan, has impacted over a million computer science students, enhancing the nation's tech education and output.


United in their mission, Adil and Oliver have created CyberNut to provide K-12 schools with the tools and knowledge to protect against cyber threats, ensuring a safe digital environment for education to thrive.

About Us

The CyberNut missionsis deep-rooted in a profound understanding of education and technology.

We’re not just experts in our fields; we’re passionate advocates for education and believers in the power of secure, innovative technology. Our commitment transcends professional achievements; it's about safeguarding the future — the students whose education and well-being are paramount.

With a collective vision, Adil and Oliver have shaped CyberNut to be a bastion against cyber threats, equipping schools with intelligent, engaging, and adaptive security training tools. It's our goal to ensure that educational institutions can focus on what they do best — educating the next generation — without the looming threat of digital dangers.

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Cybersecurity Rubric Logo

CyberNut is proud to partner
with the CyberSecurity Rubric and committed to empowering Certified Cybersecurity Rubric Evaluators to deliver trusted evaluation services to K-12 Schools.

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“CyberNut Emerges From Stealth With K-12 Security Awareness Training Solution”


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