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How does CyberNut's phishing training stand apart from offerings by KnowBe4, InfoSec, MimeCast, Proofpoint, Cofense and other traditional security awareness training products?

CyberNut first and foremost, was designed and built from the ground up with the direct input and support of an advisory board of IT directors, CTOs, and CISOs in K-12 Schools. CyberNut is the only security awareness training solution built exclusively and only for schools.

CyberNut revolutionizes cybersecurity training with a fresh, innovative approach that stands in stark contrast to traditional methods employed by competitors like KnowBe4 and others like. Unlike the prolonged video sessions and tedious quizzes that have been the norm, CyberNut introduces fast, efficient micro-trainings that are specifically designed with the busy teacher or school admin in mind.

This makes learning not only more engaging but remarkably effective, catering to the busy schedules of educators without compromising the quality of education.

What truly distinguishes CyberNut is its foundational philosophy of positive reinforcement.

While conventional training programs often rely on punitive measures and highlight individual errors, CyberNut fosters a culture of support and encouragement. This nurturing environment is conducive to learning, allowing users to comfortably navigate their cybersecurity education without the fear of retribution for mistakes.

Moreover, CyberNut's dedication extends beyond the workforce to the students themselves, offering phishing and cybersecurity training tailored to young digital citizens. This comprehensive approach ensures that students of all ages are well-equipped to face online threats safely.

Acknowledging the financial pressures faced by educational institutions, CyberNut's pricing model is both competitive and considerate. Offering significant educational discounts, CyberNut demonstrates a commitment to democratizing cybersecurity education, ensuring it is accessible and affordable for all schools. This stance significantly undercuts the less economical alternatives like KnowBe4, without any sacrifice in the quality or effectiveness of the training provided.

The customer support experience with CyberNut is unmatched. From the onset of our partnership, the attentiveness and assistance provided in implementing our security training campaigns were invaluable. CyberNut not only excels in delivering superior training solutions but also exemplifies unparalleled care and support, reinforcing their position as a preferred partner in safeguarding our digital environments.

In summary, CyberNut's approach, prioritizing encouragement over criticism and emphasizing accessibility and affordability, coupled with their exceptional support and comprehensive training solutions, clearly demonstrates why we are the preferred choice for educational institutions looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture effectively and compassionately.

How does CyberNut address actual phishing threats encountered by school employees or students?

CyberNut educates and empowers faculty, staff, and students to spot and report REAL threats that enter their inboxes. When a user reports a suspicious email not included in the training, CyberNut's Instant Feedback system enables users to report the threat directly to their IT department.

As well as trigger an automation that blocks the sender directly on the email server enabling the school or district to secure itself before a possibly fatal link get clicked or circulated to other school employees.

To get a feel for exactly how this works, we recommend scheduling a demo with CyberNut here.


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